Monday, 10 February 2014

A little bit about me

Helloo! I must admit, facing a new blank page is quite daunting to start with, I used to enjoy writing years ago at university so here goes!

I’ve decided to take the leap and start my own blog, I love talking to people and I love crafting so this is a perfect way to combine the two. 

So a little bit about me…. 

I started Handmade Moments last year as a natural progression from making cards and gifts for family and friends.  I started doing craft and vintage fairs not long after this and I love doing them as I get to see customers appreciating the lovely things that started off in my head! It's also good to get the feedback from them aswell. The craft community is such a lovely place to be and I have made so many friends that it becomes a social event aswell!


A wee needle felted Highland Coo

I always carry a notebook with me as ideas come to me at the most inopportune moments, once I have one idea then another couple usually stem from that one and I have been known to run back and forward to my craft space while making dinner!

I love sitting down to develop the ideas, they don't always work out but when something does, it's an amazing feeling, especially when someone either comments on it or buys it.  

Not quite as tidy now!

I believe in the handmade and the handcrafted and all the love and quality that goes into making a piece from scratch. I believe in having products that are unique and a little different.

I design and make all our products using resources around me. I use and upcycle vintage books and buttons, and a few of them are older than me! I also upcycle wee scraps of fabric and ribbon I have accumulated over the years as well as fabrics I find at vintage and craft fairs around Glasgow. Other materials are sourced from mainly Scottish independent companies, but always from UK companies. 

I will aim to write at least twice a month and this blog will feature hints and tips, crafter and artist interviews, top five features, recommendations and opinions as well as some random lovely chattiness from me.

In the meantime come and say hello on my Facebook page and have a nosy at my collections on Pinterest. If you feel like shopping then visit my shop at Etsy.

Lisa xx

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